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We all have our favorite flavor from the five original colors of gummy bears. Some people like the lemony taste of the yellow, or the sweet rush of the red bear. Have you ever wondered, if gummy bears were moods, which one would you be? Well, here is a quick guide to your gummy bear identity.

Rowdy Red: If your favorite gummy bear is red then you like adventure. You enjoy doing things that are crazy and out of the box! You are energetic and will do anything for a moment of spontaneity. Your little gummy bear counterpart is exactly the same way! Imagine that?

Classy Clear: You are to the point and goal orientated. You love simplicity and the idea of youthfulness. You would prefer to have a nice dinner with someone than to go to the movies or go to a concert. Even the sweet pineapple taste of the clear gummy bear seems like the simplest, purest way to go!

Mellow Yellow: You enjoy a night in and you are always up for a good one-on-one conversation. You are wise and imaginative. Energetic things exhaust you easily and you feel overwhelmed in large groups. The taste of citrus in the little yellow gummy bear is exactly the kind of tart sensation that keeps you on your toes when you normally like to remain on your feet!

Original Orange: You are fun loving and you love being unique. In group situations people see you as interesting and good-natured. You are fearless and always ready to try new things! Tangy and fun, just like the bright orange gummy bear!

Gallant Green: You are balanced and you try your best to bring hope and peace to all situations.  You are sociable, but desire it to be an enjoyable time for everyone.  Refined and civilized, you always bring out the best in others. It’s as if you combine all the best qualities of each bears, you would get the green one!

Gummy bears are not just flavors, but they’re indicative of personality. Or at least, I think so! What if we could wear gummy bears to show our mood like mood rings? Since we can’t we can just eat them when we’re feeling adventurous or less than energetic.

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Nov 092011

Since you now know the history of the gummy bear, it’s time to learn a few (of the many) uses of the bright, quirky, sweet bear.

Besides eating a gummy bear, it can be used for a plethora of things. The beauty of this little gummy is that its consistency provides for many diverse and interesting uses. Gelatin is a perfect ingredient for experiments, and even long lasting works of art. Here is a fun list of all the ways in which a gummy bear can be used in the classroom, at a party, or even in an art gallery.

Gummies for Science

As a child, one of the most exciting findings of your early years is discovering that the chewy, sweet gummy bear can be expanded almost exponentially (or what your 7 year old self thinks is exponential.) The incredible nature of the substance that makes us gummy bears is absorbent, therefore when soaking it in water (or any non-saline solution) you get an expanded version of the tiny gummy bear. This is a great experiment to do with the kids because it’s fun, they can play with the slimy gummies afterwards and it only takes a few hours!

Gummies for Parties

Gummy bears love to come to parties! Or at least that’s what you can tell your kids when you decorate their next birthday cake with gummy bears. One excellent use of gummy bears is to use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes or even tables. There are sources all over the internet with inspirations of gummy bear decorated cakes or cupcakes. Go crazy! Create a scene on a cake, or maybe a rainbow with gummy bears. They can also be used to fill jars for people to snack on during the party. Place the jars on tables or around a room and people will more than likely love the presence of these chewy bears at the party.

Gummies for Adults

A new craze at cocktail parties or adult parties are the “drunken gummy bear.” This is essentially the adult version of experimenting with gummy bears. Because gummy bears are absorbent, you can soak them in just about anything. For drunken gummy bears, you will put them in an alcohol, such as vodka. Let them sit overnight, then take them out and you can serve them at your party for a fruity adult gummy. You could also use this same concept but without alcohol for children. Soak gummy bears in different kinds of Kool-aid for the kids to have a slimy snack!

Gummies for Art

Gummies can be used to produce very beautiful (and very edible) art works. Some adventurous artists decided to make things like sculptures, chandeliers, or stop motion videos with hundred of gummy bears. There are so many ways to incorporate gummies in art, even on a non-professional scale. Making a stop motion film with children could be fun and is incredibly easy as long as you have a camera and basic video editing software (such as iMovie.)

Who knew that one type candy could be used in so many ways? Since the gummy is a relatively new candy, there will probably be even more gummy uses discovered in the future. And if you cannot find anything to do with your gummy bears, I suggest you eat them! They’re always good for that!

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Oct 122011

The beloved Gummi Bear first made its appearance in 1922. The original Gummi Bear was called a “dancing bear” and was invented by Hans Riegel in Germany. Hans Riegel manufactured the first Gummi Bears himself through his new company, Haribo. They were an instant hit in Germany.  In 1981, the company now known as Jelly Belly Candy Company in the United States had their own production of the Gummi Bear.  Previous to this date, American children were only accustomed to these bears through the imported Haribo products.

The first step in making Gummi Bears is to have a mold move through a starch powder machine which coats the molds and creates starch powder pans out of the molds. At the same time, in another part of the factory, ingredients for the Gummi Bears are poured into a pan to boil. These ingredients are:  sugar, gelatin, and juice. Later the coloring and flavoring is added after the gelatin mixture has been cooked to the right temperature. The gelatin mixture, once combined with the flavor and color, is taken to the production area. The candy mixture is then piped into the starch coated molds and allowed to sit for 3-5 days. After sitting for 3-5 days, the Gummi Bears are then released from their molds and combined with all the other flavors. The Gummi Bears then get polished with beeswax in a large tumbler. From there, they move onto packaging to be sold to all their biggest fans.

Today, Gummi Bears are used for a lot more than just satisfying that sweet tooth. Gummi Bears have been used in artwork all around the world. Some of the most famous have been  Gummi Bear chandeliers and Gummi Bear sculptures.  Another fun way that Gummi Bears are used is in science experiments! Gummi Bears are a food that you can eat and play with without anyone telling you not to!

Interesting facts about Gummi Bears:

  • The white Gummi Bear is Pineapple; the green Gummi Bear is Strawberry; the yellow Gummi Bear is Lemon; the orange Gummi Bear is Orange; and the red Gummi Bear is Raspberry.
  • They absorb liquid and grow! It’s a very fun science experiment for kids to do.
  • There is such a thing as a 5 pound Gummi Bear, which is 1,000 bigger than a normal bear. It is also an excellent gift for any of your friends who love Gummi Bears.
  • Haribo offers no blue bears. There are other companies who do though!
  • Disney produced an entire cartoon series focusing on the adventures of Gummi Bears. This was one of the first shows which had candy featured as the main characters.
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